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Barbershop Webmaster Resources

Resources for Barbershop Webmasters

Most people don't start their creative life building web sites. Many web designers have graphic arts backgrounds, or are desktop publishers. When working in those media, the control over the final look is absolute. Designers can determine to the pixel where they want elements on the page. Many designers are also influenced by television. One of the first steps to building good web sites is learning what elements of other media do and don't work on the web. The answer, sadly, is that almost everything is different.

I've been building web sites since 1995, and I currently run a site each for my quartet, Chapter, and District. My early web surfing experiences were heavily influenced by the software I was forced to use: lynx and SlipKnot. Using these "alternative" browsers gave me a very different perspective on web site construction.

I started this site out of a desire to see all barbershop web sites improve. I have my ideas on this, and I figure sharing them on the web stands the best chance of them being used. The good news for webmasters is that most of my suggestions aim at making less work for the webmaster, not more.

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't always get to practice what I preach for one reason or another, so my sites are not always stellar examples. I still hope you'll consider my suggestions.


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